Welcome to e107radio.org
Welcome to the e107 radio web site.

The purpose of this site is to give support and ideas for radio related plugin for the e107 (http://www.e107.org) content management system. Billy at SPR can offer very competitive hosting with excellent service along with good e107 support and is also a licensed ham too.

We would also like you to signup with your HamRadio callsign . This way we keep the spam out of the door.

e107 radio plugins21 March 2009

New Site Launched

Posted by Barry G4HDU

The e107radio web site is now launched. Why has it been launched? Well, e107 is a great content management system and is ideally suited to producing many different web sites including radio based ones.

What we hope to achieve here is a forum where radio related plugins for the CMS can be showcased as well as becoming a useful radio resource for all radio enthusiasts around the world.
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e107 radio plugins20 March 2012

Two plugins available

Posted by Henk PD5DP
We are proud to announce that there are two plugins available on this website which are HAMRADIO related.

Barry (G4HDU) has done a lot of work to extend the functionality of the logbook plugin which we created some years ago. This development version is fully functional and we invite you to try it out.

Suggestions to improve it and bug reports are more than welcome.

PSK Reporter
Henk (PD5DP) has developed a plugin for the PSK Reporter system. This plugin request data from the PSK Reporter server and displays information on your E107 CMS. It requires that you are already reporting to the PSK Reporter server. This can be done by using DigitalMaster (HamRadio DeLuxe) or JT65-HF. I know that there are more programs which are reporting to PSK Reporter.

Again: suggestions to improve it and bug reports are more than welcome.

Both plugins can be found in the download area of this website !!!
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e107 radio plugins08 February 2012

PSK Reporter plugin - Update

Posted by Henk PD5DP
The PSK Reporter plugin for E107 is operational on my website. My website can be found at www.pd5dp.nl. I would like any feedback on my first real plugin.

Before release I have to solve a bug. This bug occurs when a callsign has a / in the call. Sometimes the / is ignored and removed and sometimes the whole line get fucked up. It must be something in php how the language works, but at this moment I am not able to solve it. Anyone who can?

Stay tuned. The first release is not far away !!!
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e107 radio plugins04 January 2012

PSK Reporter Plugin

Posted by Henk PD5DP
I am working slowly to create a plugin which displays data retreived from the PSK-Reporter servers. At the moment I have the menu part working (I think). It just displays some statistical data.

The data displayed are:
  • Countries seen the last 24 hours
  • Number of reports send the last 24 hours
  • countries seen the last 7 days
  • Number of reports send the last 7 days

For a peak just surf to my test website

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e107 radio plugins07 December 2011

Logbook News

Posted by Henk PD5DP
I decided to pick up the development of the logbook plugin. However since they changed some security matters the search function of the logbook has been broken. Every time a search has been deployed the plugin generates a blank page.

My skills in PHP and the knowledge of the E107 mechanism regarding to plugins are to little to nail the problem. My hopes are that somebody who read this wants to help. That's the purpose of this website, is it not?

So... is there someone who can help us to solve this problem?

Other ideas about the logbook plugin are also welcome. One of my ideas is to use different colors for different bands. Another one is tooltips to display additional information about an entry. So let's hear your ideas...
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e107 News15 April 2010

New Theme...

Posted by Henk PD5DP
How do you all like the new theme of this website? I hope this will contribute to more activity. Remember this website needs also user input for ideas for plugins and other stuff related to our HamRadio hobby.

To do list:
  • Logbook extension
  • Working out ideas
  • PSK Reporter plugin

73 de Henk [pd5dp]
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e107 radio plugins30 April 2009


Posted by Henk PD5DP

There is still some work to do at the LogBook Plugin. So we delayed it a little. Also it seems the RSS feed is not working as it should, but I do not know yet if this is a programming problem. Also we have to write some documentation and HELP for example.

Ideas PSE contribute any ideas for HAMRADIO Plugins and we will look if it is possible to create such. TNX in advance for any contribution to this WebSite.
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e107 radio plugins05 April 2009

Logbook plugin

Posted by Henk PD5DP
We are still testing the logbook plugin. There are some things which has to be done before we can release it. If you want a peak how it looks then you can visit my TEST website which has running it with my logbook. There is a RSS feed on this website which displays the same data.

My test url is http://test.weststellingwerf.org

You will see the menu with the last 20 QSO's and if you click on the LOGBOOK link in the main menu or underneath the QSO's in the menu then the main logbook page will be displayed. At the moment my friend is testing it also to give us (Father Barry and me) feedback and maybe some new ideas to add.

His HamRadio Website can be found at http://www.nl9sbg.nl
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